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Hi, I’m Martin and I’m a documentary wedding photographer with a huge passion for shooting weddings in a slightly different way to most wedding photographers. I could also name myself as a wedding photojournalist or a reportage wedding photographer but instead I will tell you what my clients say about my photos. They often say “your photos look so natural” and that’s right, they are. To achieve that I always photograph weddings in a very unobtrusive way with no intervention from me at all. I never interrupt the wedding flow. It helps me to provide my clients with a truly honest set of wedding images that will be bringing back the best memories. If you are couple in love, let me photograph your wedding and be sure, all my heart will go into documenting the big day for you.


Nottingham Wedding Photographer

I base in Nottingham and my wedding photography service covers mainly Nottinghamshire area. I have been photographing weddings far from home and I’m always willing to travel. If your wedding is a long distance from East Midlands that’s no problem at all. Would you like me to be your wedding photographer somewhere far, I will travel.

I assure you that my relaxed approach will let you enjoy your wedding day. I won’t stop you from what you are doing and ask you to act for the camera. I also won’t tell you how you should be doing things so I could take a “great” photo. Instead I will carefully observe and use my experience, knowledge and intuition to create a set of honest photos that reflect the true atmosphere of the wedding.


Unique Wedding Photography

I truly believe that a great wedding photography captures the moment and all emotions. Good photo isn’t just a snap of someone’s face. Good photo isn’t the one where the person photographed is aware of the camera. Real good photo isn’t staged, forced or directed. In my opinion great photograph freezes the unique moment, something that could not be repeated or recreated. All important and unique moments are often captured in a split second. A quick glance from the groom at the bride when she walks down the aisle. Dad squeezing mum’s hand in a comforting way when she gets emotional during the vows. Grandmother gently touching bride’s face after the ceremony to express her feelings and also say how beautiful her granddaughter looks. Bride looking up at her dad with pride and joy when he’s doing his speech. The first dance, when bride rests her head onto her husband’s shoulder. Spontaneous kiss or gentle touch. Laughs when jokes are shared. Also many more little things that happen in between those bigger key events during a long wedding day. When all those unique moments are put together, they reflect a true spirit of the day. Honest story of the real wedding. When your wedding is photographed in a pure documentary way, it will be unique, it will be YOURS.

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Wedding Photography Prices

I believe in simple pricing. No catch, no hidden costs, no confusion. Simply one price for a full day photography from the morning preparations till dancing. Digital images with copyrights assigned to client are included. Free consultations. Most importantly all my passion and dedication for creating photographic record of one of the biggest days in someone’s life. The package costs £1300. Signed contract and £300 deposit are needed to secure the wedding date. Wedding albums are optional and there is no obligation or pressure to buy anything. This is something that can be discussed after the wedding when photos are viewed. Albums prices start at £400.

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