Bestwood Lodge Wedding Photography-James & Sarah

James and Sarah got married last summer. They¬†have chosen Bestwood Lodge Hotel for their wedding venue and Emanuel Church for the marriage service. Both within a walking distance from each other. I could now write more usual details about the day. I started photographing during the morning prep, then the ceremony and so on… Instead, I will keep it short and sweet. The day was great! From the moment I’ve met James and Sarah a few months before the day, I knew their wedding was going to be a joy to photograph. They are extremely laid back and within seconds, I was 100% sure their wedding was going to be super relaxed. I wasn’t wrong at all. From the entire set of James and Sarah’s photos, I would probably be able to pick only a handful of shots on which they weren’t laughing or smiling. As you will tell from the pictures below. I photographed the day with my usual, pure documentary wedding photography approach. Unobtrusively, focusing on what’s the best at weddings: The Happiness!