Cambridge Cottage Wedding Photography in London-Laura and Gabriel

In spite of all the promises to myself that I will be blogging regularly all the weddings I shoot, I simply don’t. No excuse here! Surely, I can say I’m busy shooting weddings, editing all the photos and its hard to find time to do these things. Partly, that’s true and I guess there are many other reasons why I find it hard to keep my wedding blog page up to date.  Also, when there are so many images from awesome weddings piled up on the hard drive its never an easy decision which ones to blog. Voice in my head always whispers “Do it tomorrow” 🙂 Instead of doing it tomorrow or any other day the silence here has to be broken today. It’s been far too long since last wedding photos were blogged.

Below images are from Gabriel and Laura’s London wedding. They got married in Kew Gardens back in August last year. I was super excited about their Cambridge Cottage wedding photography as it doesn’t happen often to me to travel that way for weddings. Yet, the venue and its location within Royal Botanic Gardens was another reason why I was looking forward to it so much. Place I have never visited before and knew it’s unique.

In terms of logistics I must say it wasn’t an easy one. Laura and Gabriel’s wedding was one of three I was photographing that weekend. Getting up at 4.30am after one local wedding, then I had to be back at a reasonable time and get rested for more Nottingham wedding photography next day. Every wedding photographer will agree here that shooting three weddings in a row isn’t easy at all.

Gabriel and Laura are super relaxed couple and ideal people for documentary wedding photography. Honest, down to earth and they don’t keep their feelings hidden. Quick glance at them when they met on their wedding day said everything about a very strong bond and love between them. The day started at Hilton Hotel in Angel Islington. After some photos of Laura and the girls getting ready, I joined bride, groom and the congregation on the double decker bus, then we set off to the The Cambridge Cottage. Summer wedding day with hot temperatures and chilled vibe in the air was a true joy to photograph. The only thing I regret about photographing the wedding for Gabriel and Lara is that I couldn’t stay till late to capture some dancing and evening atmosphere.

“Dear Martin, 
A giant thank you for all the time, attention and energy you have given us on our wedding day. The pictures are just incredible and not only let us relive these beautiful moments but allowed us to discover some that we’ve missed. We couldn’t have dreamt of a better photographer.

All the best,
Gabriel and Laura”