I’m Martin Makowski, I love photographing freely and without preconceptions.

Imagine that wedding photography is like a food, a dish or treat you remember from your childhood. When flavour elements hit your taste buds, the memories come to life. Then a little time machine inside your head takes your mind back to that special place filled with precious things and feelings you have remembered from the past.
For me it’s got to be a strawberry. I love them when they are in season. Their fresh taste always takes me back to my grandma’s allotment where me and my brother used to go. We ate tons of them. Often eating straight of the plant without using hands. Can it get fresher than that? Then with our little tummies full, giggled rolling down the hill. That was fun!

You now get the idea… Imagine your wedding photos. Not staged pictures or forced portraits but the special moments that were beautifully and creatively captured. The real and sincere moments that were preserved in photographs. In years time a glance at these honest photos will trigger that little time machine inside you and take you straight back to your wedding day. Your special day that wasn’t turned into photographer’s vision of what the perfect wedding should look like. It would be a visual record reflecting your personalities and also the real atmosphere of the day. Wedding photographed in a pure documentary way stays unique. Not interrupted, just perfect and fully YOURS!

Love, joy, happiness, tears, laughter, nerves, anticipation… These are my ingredients for delicious wedding photography. Carefully ‘cooked’ (captured) in available natural light with lots of creativity and good timing, a hint of unusual angles, spontaneity and a pinch of good humour.

If this is what you would like your wedding photography to taste like, say hello and let’s preserve your wedding memories!

martin makowski photographer - Leicester wedding photographer specialising in documentary photography

I’m a former chef and that I guess, explains the write up above 🙂 Probably don’t need to say that I am the cook of the house and half of my life I spent in the kitchen. I absolutely love it. Family, photography and cooking takes all my time, if I find a spare moment for music and reading that’s a bonus! I am very thankful for what I’ve got. I’m a happy man!
I live in Nottingham with my wife Gosia and our two super fast growing boys David and Sebastian. I love them to bits! My biggest dream? To have one night of a very long not disturbed sleep:) Thanks for visiting my website and don’t forget to follow me on social media.