I shoot weddings in a documentary photography style, what does it mean?

Many professionals in this industry name themselves as documentary wedding photographers, so do I. Are we all the same, do we shoot in exactly the same way? I think the names documentary wedding photographer, photojournalist or reportage wedding photographer are often misused. It seems like there is some sort of the fashion to use these terms nowadays and for some people it might be confusing. So, let me explain what it means to me and why I photograph weddings in the way I do.

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I believe in honest wedding photography without photographer’s intervention. So, no posing, directing and bossing around. Simply, no interrupting at all. It’s all about documenting and capturing the reality. Photos shall reflect the general atmosphere and emotions. It shall be kept real. In my photography each and every photo is considered to be part of the wedding story. A story that will preserve the best memories forever.
I wasn’t always shooting weddings in a documentary manner. It took me some time to realise what the real wedding photography is about. It isn’t just about the flowers, rings, cake and all the other details. Weddings are about people! The entire event is full of emotions, interactions, fun and spontaneous moments. I consider all these things to be endless opportunities for great pictures. Details are important too, I just prefer to capture them within a story rather than just a plain detail shot.
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There are many photographers out there and we are all different. We shoot in different styles, everyone has their own editing process and final results are different too. It is important to find what’s best for you and your wedding. If you like my photos and my approach, do not hesitate, just get in touch and let’s discuss your wedding photography.

I really look forward to documenting your wedding story.