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First of all, huge thanks for visiting my website. I’m Martin, the guy who controls Martin Makowski Photography. Over the past 7 years, I have been professionally photographing weddings across Nottinghamshire,  the UK and beyond. Photography has always been a huge passion of mine. I grew up watching the negatives developed by my dad in our homemade darkroom. Seeing photographs magically appear on photographic paper when dropped into developing trays felt so mystical. The magic of photography and its unique ability for preserving memories has never stopped fascinating me. I explore my creativity and curiosity mainly through photography, but also drawing, painting and cooking.

My wedding photography adventure began when one day a friend of mine asked me to photograph her wedding. Anxious but also excited I said OK, and that was it! I was hooked from the first click and since then, I have been putting all my heart and energy into telling real, honest wedding day stories for couples who share the same ideology on what the wedding photography is about! Human element rather than ‘wedding things’!

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I live in Nottingham with my awesome wife Gosia, our two crazy boys; David and Sebastian, our cat and two pet rats. Our house is never quiet. Let’s be honest, it’s a bit mad! I love taking photos of my kids, and I don’t try to make them look or be cute. For me, it’s about creating a real visual reflection of who they are, as they are! They scream, they shout, they fight, they laugh, they mess about a lot – let’s call it a brother’s love. I take pictures that show their personalities and what they’re up to, no need to say “cheese!!”. Honest documentation of their lives so in the future, it will remind them what their childhood and family life were like.

I approach wedding photography in the same way as I do family photography.

It’s about creating a visual record of a true ‘now’ which will soon become the ‘past’. This is documenting the life and family history.

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    • I take life easy, I always have.
    • Sourdough baking is a huge passion of mine. If you need me and can’t find me, I’m probably in the kitchen kneading some dough. If I’m not kneading the dough, I’m in the kitchen anyway. I cook a lot!
    • I love chilli and spicy food. Spicier the better! A meal without a kick doesn’t feel complete to me.
    • I draw and paint. When the idea for an artwork gets in my head, it won’t leave my mind till it’s executed. Always appreciated graffiti and street art related things.
    • I dream of great travels but don’t really travel that much. I gonna keep on dreaming and time to turn those dreams into reality will come.
    • I love skateboarding!
  • I hate to hate, but I really hate hearing other people eat. Sounds of chewing or chomping make me cringe!

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